WiFi Planning

One of the biggest technical advances for Small Business and Home settings is WiFi service. If you look to join a wireless network it can be surprising how many networks are locally listed. There are two big things to consider when establishing a WiFi network for your office; Security and Speed.

Security is certainly critical. You really don’t want anyone or anything on your network that wasn’t invited. Most people have figured out how to put a password on their WiFi, but don’t really know what method to use. Once there is a password established it is often shared with guests without thinking of the consequences of that password now present on foreign devices. The more valuable the assets are on your network, the more important it is to apply advanced security. Many of our clients sign security disclosures with their clients and maintain a security policy. Improperly secured networks are a target and WiFi can be the weakest link.

WiFi performance is becoming a common issue. As more and more devices connect and consume larger chunks of data, speed can drop to a crawl. Things to consider when establishing and maintaining WiFi include the number and age of devices connected, speed of the internet service, signal distribution, and age of the current equipment. All of these factors must be considered to get the best performance for your team. SideKick Solutions has the expertise to get your team online at full speed and still maintain security.