IT Services for Small Businesses with Apple Technology

Small businesses and organizations face unique challenges when trying to manage their technology, especially Apple technology. While Apple products are user friendly and can be easy to keep running, it is not easy to find the time to do the things necessary for a growing team. Things like account management, security, asset management and procurement, along with maintenance are often misunderstood or neglected. Tech problems become surprises and lead to loss of productivity.

Larger organizations are able to offload IT to a dedicated staff or a vendor geared to handle larger groups. With a smaller organization, responsibility often falls on the owner, manager, or some other team member and they end up trying to juggle these skills amongst their other duties, while lacking the tools and training to do the job.

SideKick Solutions brings a fresh solution to this problem. We are able to blend industry standard IT tools and the skill set used in other settings, with a custom set of services. We are able to scale the service to the size and need of your team. Most importantly, Apple technology is our primary focus, not an afterthought like many larger IT providers.