Mesh WiFi

One of the biggest complaints we hear people make about their home network is that their WiFi is slow. They may be paying for Gigabit speeds but when they try to watch a television show over WiFi, it constantly pauses or the picture becomes pixilated.

There are many possible reasons that your WiFi signal is poor. The most common problems are interference, weak router strength, and wall barriers. Older homes with lath and plaster walls, stucco, or office spaces with concrete wall barriers are some of the toughest places to set up a reliable WiFi network.

Mesh WiFi may be the solution to many of these problems. Mesh WiFi is commonly used in large offices or public spaces. More recently, many consumer grade solutions have become popular. 

Consumer mesh networking products typically come in a package with three to four devices that you set up throughout your work or living space. You connect the primary unit to your wired network router and then place the satellite devices in locations that act as signal repeaters. 

All of the devices communicate with each other on several radio signals at the same time so that they can send large amounts of data. They then pass that data on to your computer, phone or television on standard WiFi signals. Instead of having a single WiFi router, typically located in a non-central location of your home, you now have several devices located in optimal positions, all working together to give you a seamless WiFi experience. 

Let us know if we can help you find the WiFi solution that is right for you. We would love to help.