Performance and Productivity

If you are a techie or Mac Geek that keeps up with the latest gear, this post is likely not for you. For the majority of small businesses however, performance can often be an afterthought, especially with users focused on their daily challenges. 

Flashback 10-20 years ago when the speed race was in its heyday. Workstations were introduced every year that would leapfrog the prior model. Today’s systems are marketed differently, with features and style leading the way. There are also more factors involved in performance, like internet connections, and even malware infections. 

In the Apple world there is another factor involved; system longevity. It is not unusual for us to encounter systems that are five, seven, even ten years old still in production. 

Using an underperforming system can be exhausting and, believe it or not, expensive. Consider that when you put a workstation in place it will continue to be asked to do more and more over the years with the same capability. The user slowly adapts to this to the point that no-one even realizes how much productivity is being lost. Workarounds start being enacted because the system can’t keep up.

When this happens, businesses often react by either overbuying or underbuying because the workstation has broken or is being cast aside out of frustration.

SideKick Solutions can help your small business with a technology plan that will keep your team using optimal equipment for steady performance. We don’t sell the systems so we are an unbiased advisor that can get you on a level payment and performance plan.

Dwayne Schwartz – 8.5.19