Apple Announcement


Apple continues to raise the bar for technology accessories.

  • Apple Watch series 3 and watchOS 4: The new release of Apple Watch includes both hardware and software. It offers the ability to use your watch without your phone present with the hardware upgrade to cellular. Going for a run, or a swim, or somewhere you want to leave your phone behind? You can still stay connected with new Apple Watch. It’s only a few millimeters thicker than the previous model and the same weight. Additionally, Apple has made numerous changes to the new watchOS mainly involving health and fitness.
  • Apple TV: The next generation of Apple TV will be 4K HDR which is the sharpest picture you can have to date. It is also equipped with the new A10 fusion chip that brings 2x the CPU performance and 4x graphics performance. It will also have live sports and live news as viewing features of the Apple TV app.

  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus: The new iPhone model has a sleek glass front and back and is designed to be water and dust resistant. It also has a new retina display and best of all supports wireless charging. Under the hood is a brand new A11 bionic chip with a six-core 64-bit processor. A 12MP camera with a new portrait mode and premier lighting software to accompany it for improved photography and video recording. They have also included a stereo speaker setup to enhance your listening experience. These will ship with the new iOS 11, announced a few months back.

  • iPhone X: Apple’s One More Thing has really got people’s attention. Some were ecstatic about the new model and others were underwhelmed. This new generation of iPhone has no home button, but instead a full glass front. Like the 8/8+, the X has a glass back and is water and dust resistant. It too supports wireless charging and measures 5.8” diagonally with a Super Retina 458ppi screen. With no home button, how will you unlock your phone? By using the new FaceID, facial recognition. A tiny bank of sophisticated cameras and sensors work by mapping your face using an infrared dot projector system. Which means it is designed to work in the dark and learn your face as changes occur, for instance like growing a beard or getting your haircut. Additionally, it requires user attention to unlock your phone in that if you’re looking away or have your eyes closed while your face is presented to the cameras, the phone will remain locked. On the inside, it uses the same A11 bionic chip as the 8/8+ and offers the same great camera and portrait settings. The list of it’s features and settings could go on for days, but the big question you’re probably asking by now is how much does it cost? Prepare yourself--and your wallet--as Apple announced it will start at $999.