In need of some organization? Whether it’s business or personal, Evernote could be your answer. The SideKick team can show you how to use Evernote to create workflows, improve organization, and manage data sharing across teams for your business.

New to Evernote?

We offer personalized training and solutions for your organizational needs starting with the basics.

Already familiar with Evernote?

We’ll develop a streamlined system of folders, notes, tags and sharing to improve productivity.

Evernote features

  • Organized paperless solutions for business and individuals
  • Your notes travel with you everywhere - computer, phone, tablet
  • Data is securely stored in the Cloud and can be exported at any time
  • Controlled sharing of notes to other team members inside or outside
    your company
  • Completely organize your professional and personal life in one solution
  • Integrates with calendars, Salesforce, web site clipper and photos
  • Can store pdf, photos, audio files, spreadsheets, info from websites, etc.
  • Can use repeated templates for organization
  • Can search any handwritten or typed information in all notes

Evernote Services

  • Development of optimized workflows using folders, notes and tags
  • Tailored training to get the most out of the software
  • Recommendation and support with purchasing software
  • Maintenance on Evernote accounts
  • Reorganization of current notes, folders and tags