FileMaker Pro

SideKick Solutions brings real world experience that extends beyond the latest fads. We’ll navigate you out of the confusion through time tested methods that employ modern tools for effective and lasting solutions.

Our primary mission is to make your organization run smoothly and effectively. We listen to our customers, blend app programming, and help choose the right equipment and technology to ensure our users are fully empowered.

We work with clients in the following fields:

  • Legal Case Management and Time Billing
  • Art Gallery Sales and Inventory Management
  • Manufacturing Job Management
  • eDiscovery Job and Client Management plus Billing
  • Higher Education Membership, Donations and Event Planning
  • Trade Schools Recruiting and Enrollment
  • Marketing Fulfillment Inventory Procurement and Tracking
  • Locksmith Inventory Sales, Procurement and Tracking
  • Healthcare Specialty Sales
  • Nonprofit Membership
  • Publishing Project Management and Subscriptions
  • Online Sales Website Support
  • Art Licensing Royalty and Art Tracking
  • Trade Show Publishing Project Management and Sales
  • Funeral Home Pre-Need and At-Need Forms and Billing

Here are a few, typical processes where client contributions combined with our know-how have made huge improvements:

  • Custom time keeping and billing systems
  • FileMaker to QuickBooks integration where the FileMaker production system feeds the QB invoicing
  • Conversion of legacy solutions to the current version
  • Consultation/coaching with in-house developers to get over a hump or up to speed with newer versions
  • Connecting to and merging with other systems such as SQL and MySQL for web and in-house systems
  • CRM’s, notes and emails captured and stored for all to view
  • Real-time dashboard display for work monitoring, crafted for management and staff
  • Document management, scanned directly to the associated company/contact
  • Custom reports with optional automated delivery
  • Calendar and email integration
  • Shipping and Inventory management
  • Cloud apps for field updates/downloads to the central file

Customer "Centric" Database Solutions

Tell us what you have in mind—whether it’s a quick fix or new development—and we’ll be happy to tailor our efforts to meet your needs and budget. We’ll help you increase productivity by presenting choices in a simplified manner, and execute the work with an efficient, cost-effective approach.



  • FileMaker Business Alliance
  • FileMaker Pro 12 Certification
  • FileMaker Pro 15 Certification
  • FileMaker Pro 16 Certification